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Welcome, I am Aubrie V. I am an aspiring entertainer who wants to make the world a better place with the content I produce. I sing, dance, and even dab into poetry and digital art. I live and breath creation. My soul purpose on this earth is to bring my audience to the highest vibration of peace and love! I want to intrigue the minds of my viewers, disturbed the thinking of bad habits, and give a spiritual hand in inspiring people to live according to Gods will. At a young God has blessed me with the ability to be self-taught in Music production, Video and photo editing, and even web design. I also play the acoustic guitar, bass, and piano. After several years of working and collecting the equipment needed for production, I am now in the process of creating my first album and producing weekly videos for my viewers. The road I have taken has not been easy, nor did I intend for it to be but I know by the grace of God I would make it. It is Lord that I work for and through Him everything I am doing is possible. If you feel compelled to support me on my journey I have a patron page which accecpts domations. I am very grateful I have the abiltly to share my talents I thank you for visiting and may you have a blessed day!